Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Albion KL - A Romantic Restaurant in Kuala Lumpur

Albion is a Modern British Restaurant & Bar
Albion is a new addition to the KL dining scene.
It opened its doors in January 2010 near Bukit Bintang Area.

This place is not too noisy.
The location itself resemblance to London's Soho.
You can having relaxing drinks with friends at Albion

This is some of the food we tried.


Pork Food

Chicken + Vege

Beef Food

Chicken + Bacon

Let's go Dinner^^

For more info please go to www.albionkl.com
Tel: 603-2141 9282


  1. bukit bintang where...
    food look very niCe... =)

  2. woah, fine dine...
    nice platted, look awesome...
    how much does it cost for you?

  3. To: Patrick.. ya many..
    To: Eniyo... cost me RM500+-